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US Tax Update Date: 15/03/2018 Time: 1800-1930

15/03/2018 Macfarlanes LLP at 1800-1930

US Tax Update

Presenter(s): Moshe Spinowitz (Skadden), Eric Sensenbrenner (Skadden)

2 US tax specialists will lead a discussion on US tax reform and what the impact has been in the first couple of months since its enactment

*NB this assumes Reform is enacted before 31 Dec!


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Event Date & Time

15/03/2018 at 1800-1930

Location Address:

Macfarlanes LLP
20 Cursitor St.
London EC4A 1LT

Phone: +44 20 7831 9222

Website: www.macfarlanes.com

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