What is the International Fiscal Association?

The International Fiscal Association (“IFA”) is the leading non-governmental international organisation dealing with tax matters. Its members comprise policy makers, taxpayers, tax advisers, tax directors, tax officials and tax academics. It is a unique forum for discussing international tax matters and for making contacts in the international tax community both in the UK and overseas.

The IFA is headquartered in the Netherlands and has around 12,500 members worldwide in some 110 countries. It has official branches in some 66 countries, including the UK. The UK branch is one of the oldest and largest branches. It has an excellent programme of branch activities and also plays an active role in the international organisation. By becoming a member of the British Branch of IFA, you automatically also become a member of the international organisation.

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The British Branch of the International Fiscal Association

The British Branch of IFA puts on an excellent programme of meetings each year on tax topics of current interest, the primary focus being on international taxation. We are fortunate to be able to attract leading speakers from all parts of the tax community including the government, industry, advisors and academics.  As a result, we are able to provide leading edge technical content at our meetings and a clear focus on the practical aspects of the selected topics.

We are particularly grateful for the strong support which we receive from HM Treasury and HMRC ensures that our meetings are better informed and more balanced.

In addition to our regular meetings we hold a joint flagship conference with HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs in the summer.  We also hold 2 join meetings with the Chartered Institute of Taxation.


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